Who we are ?

Koolcian, a vibrant residential community in the peaceful outskirt of Guwahati, Assam, India.

Building a powerful neighborhood together! We believe in happiness, fun, well-being and social order.  Then there is our togetherness. The vibrant group of smart engineers (b-1992) from Assam Engineering College , when  they dreamed of being together, they had the koolest idea.  To make a vibrant community of their own. Live in harmony and peace in nature. The thought and the action was in place to make this a reality in the form of new community – now this dream is becoming a reality, at a place about 40 km west of Guwahati Assam on the lovely bank of Kulsi river.

Why Living  close to Kulsi River?   
This place close to Kulsi river attracts a lot of people from all over Assam and outside. The river (one of the tributaries of river Bhramaputra) hosts fresh river Dolphins, India River Dolphin – Platanista Gagentica Gagentica which have the status of National as well as state aquatic animal of Assam.

In 1996,  the IUCN(International Union For Conservation Of Nature) gave them the status of ‘Endangered Species’ !

River Dolphin being rescued.
This endangered species needs care and preservation at its critical juncture of their existence. Our  vibrant community quickly took this as  one of our collective social commitments. We are inspired to  do everything possible to work for this social and environmental cause and help sustain this species on the planet.