What we aspire ?

Mission: Living in Harmony


Promote happiness , joy, fun and mutual support for collective well-beings of all our community members , our neighbors and the natural habitats around us. We will accomplish this by creating a self-sustaining ecosystem in the community with a progressive mind.


a) Our friends who had their bond cemented during four glorious years in Assam Engineering college (1987-1992) and strengthened even since over the years, always thrive and will continue to thrive in maintaining and sustaining our pure friendly sentiments and values to make our community living an enjoyable place on earth!

b) Our Community members will respect and look after each other, their family, children and neighbors to promote the overall sense of togetherness and happiness!

c) “We are stronger together” – a philosophy that we all believe in and  to make a difference in our personal, family and social life, we will do whatever we need to do to make that happen.

d) We are all children of this beautiful nature. We are all committed to green environment. We will bring and collectively put all our humble efforts to help preserve our nature around us, especially a very valuable and endangered species, River Dolphin, our nearest neighbor,  who happily live next to our proposed homes, give them to enjoy their life and bring joy to our life.